Our Services

Our Areas Of Expertise

We pride ourselves as a company that boasts a variety of professional capabilities. We have different departments within the company that are headed by registered professionals.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Our team offers a range of Civil & Structural Engineering Services, combining a high level of experience with flexibility to offer total solutions.

The range of Civil and Structural Engineering Services includes experience in:

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Roads & Stormwater Management
  • Industrial,Commercial& Residential Buildings
  • Mining Ore Processing Plants
  • Community Health & Wellness Centres
  • Bulk Infrastructure

Engineering Management Consulting

We are also well versed in the process of assisting Municipalities with the application process for project grants. We have assisted numerous Municipalities to access the Municipal Infrastructure Grants. We are a listed Professional Resource Team (PRT) to several Government Departments.

Health, Safety and Environmental

Blackhead Consulting provides a variety of Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Services. Our in-house team of qualified Environmental Scientists are geared to assist our clients with tailored environmental solutions, including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Management Plans (EMP) and Environmental Compliance Audits/Environmental Control Officer (ECO) services.

These services are compliant with the National Environmental Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998) (NEMA), as well as any other applicable ancillary Environmental Legislation. Our Health & Safety team provides inspection and compliance services as regulated by the Occupational Health & Safety Amendment Act (Act No. 181 of 1993) (OHS Act) for all projects where we are responsible as well as independent OHS services.

Municipal Services

Blackhead Consulting has completed a significant amount of work for various Municipalities around the country.

Quantity Surveying

We have experienced Quantity Surveyors who assist clients to make informed decisions regarding cost efficiency in the design and implementation of projects.

Our activities include:

  • Development of Project Brief
  • Cost Estimating
  • Scope Development
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Financial Viability Report
  • Tender Documentation & Process
  • Cost Control & Monitoring
  • Quality Monitoring & Control
  • Payment Evaluations
  • Final Accounts
  • Close Out Reports

Road, Traffic and Transportation

Our Road, Traffic and Transportation Engineering expertise involves the Planning, Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance of Roads and Bridges to ensure safe and effective transportation of people and goods.

Our services include:

  • Traffic Surveys and Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Transportation Planning & Modeling
  • Road Infrastructure Development
  • Project and Program Management
  • Public Transport Planning and Operations

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Our seasoned staff of skilled service engineers are experienced in all areas including: Planning, Analysing, Designing, Optimising, System Integration, Test and Evaluation, Procurement and Construction Management in Engineering, Installation, Commissioning and Computerised Control Systems. Years of service experience allow our engineers to provide clients with the right solutions to avoid costly maintenance and repairs in the future.

We are highly skilled in designing:

  • Electrical Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems
  • Power System Studies/Investigations
  • Electrification Infrastructure
  • Standby and UPS Power Systems
  • Plant Automation and Control

Construction Management

Our activities include:

  • Construction Monitoring and Quality Control
  • Emerging Contractor Development
  • Labour Based Construction
  • Construction Auditing
  • Operations & Maintenance

Project and Program Management

We offer a range of Project and Program Management Services that ensure that projects remain on course and on schedule.

Our personnel are trained to provide clients with professional and dedicated assistance throughout the project and to ensure completion on time and within budget through the PMBOK Knowledge Areas:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Time & Cost Management
  • Issue, Change & Risk Management
  • Communication Management
  • Integration & Scope Management
  • Resource Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Procurement Management
  • Quality Management

Household Surveys and Social Facilitation

Our Services include:

  • Socio Economic Surveys
  • Beneficiary Administration
  • Occupancy Audit
  • Beneficiary Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Design and Draughting Services

Innovation and creativity remain the cornerstone of all the works produced by the Design and Draughting division of the company.

Our services include:

  • Design & Redesign of New and Old Buildings
  • Detailed Drawings
  • 3D Modeling
  • As Built Drawings